At present CMC has a fleet of 20 Robinson R22’s and 3 Robinson R44’s in operation.


The backbone of our fleet! Our R22’s are a two seater (pilot +pax) helicopter used everyday for a various range of airwork operations.


Our three R44’s are comfortable, reliable and fast 4 seater (pilot + 3 pax) helicopters.

These machines are less than 6 years old and equipped with all the appropriate equipment plus GPS, satellite tracking devices and cargo hooks for both charter and airwork operations.

With an unmatched safety record and every performance record in its class our 20 Robinson R22’s and 3 Robinson R44’s are an obvious choice for CMC.

Our helicopters are serviced and maintained to a very high standard by Cloncurry Air Maintenance.

Our Pilots

Our pilots are lead by our Chief Pilot with over 27 years of helicpoter experience. Most of our senior pilots have 10,000+ hours and have had experience working overseas in various fields. All our pilots have originated from a rural background enabling them to be practical, safe and forward thinking. Every pilot with CMC has completed a Crew Resource Management Course from the Civil Aviation Academy Australasia Pty Ltd and have also undergone in-house safety procedures, emergency procedures and overhead powerline procedures.

CMC holds a monthly safety meeting with management, pilots, engineers and office staff in attendance.

Each year CMC gives the opportunity to two junior pilots to be trained to our high level of expectancy and obtain a vast amount of experience in the industry.

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