Whether it be an airport/town pickup, some urgently needed parcels or parts or even a flight to the races our R44’s are available from one of our bases for all your charter needs.


Aerial Survey & Spotting

Cloncurry Mustering helicopters are fitted with the latest in GPS technology, allowing accurate navigation and specific area location and recording. Satellite tracking devices are also fitted to our R44 helicopters and are monitored by the base in Cloncurry.

Our survey and spotting capabilities include:

  • Environmental surveys
  • Mining support, geo surveys and sampling
  • Property/real estate surveys
  • Geo/magno/spectro and seismic surveys
  • Aerial weed surveys
  • Pipeline surveys
  • Crocodile surveys
  • Aerial seagrass surveys
  • Animal population surveys
  • Feral animal surveys

Aerial Photography & Filming

Cloncurry Mustering Co has had extensive experience with media filming and still photography. A crew restraint harness is supplied to ensure you safely get the shot you need.

Power Line Patrol

Cloncurry Mustering Co continues to support Ergon Energy with power line patrols and inspections as part of a proud working partnership of 27 years.

Aerial Mustering

Cloncurry Mustering Co has been involved with aerial mustering since its inception in 1984, first mustering in Hughes helicopters before moving to R22’s.  We have a long list of valued clients who have shown us support and loyalty over the past 27 years.

Mining Support

Cloncurry Mustering Co has been involved with various mining companies performing surveys and sampling, aerial filming/photography, pipeline patrols and sling loads.

We understand the importance of mining within our community.

Feral Animal Control

Cloncurry Mustering Co has been heavily involved with various government departments and organisations completing culls of diseased & feral animals and pest controls. We hold all the appropriate licences needed for this work. Our reliable pilots will provide a high level of expertise and discretion whilst carrying out this work.

Flood Relief & Support

Cloncurry Mustering Co has been supporting the community and our clients with flood relief and support for many wet seasons. Our services include:

  • Food Drops
  • Fodder Drops
  • Mail & Store Supplies
  • Evacuations
  • Medical Supplies & Medical Evacuations
  • Moving Stock

Controlled Burning

Cloncurry Mustering Co uses an incendiary machine that has the best and most efficient technology available.

This allows accurate and efficient complete burns over large areas for the most cost effective result.

Aerial Lifting

Cloncurry Mustering Co uses our R44 helicopters for this service.